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    Optimize Production by Digitalization

    Do you want to ensure an increase in the efficiency of your company’s production? To find out how much more the company could produce if the resource remains the same? To discover the hidden efficiency and how to implement it in real life? The answers are provided by the innovative methodology developed by Leanest for the digital management of all production related activities. The methodology is built based on the concepts of Lean production, JIT and MUDA and standardizes the situations occurring in production regardless of the industry and binds them into entirety:

    IME 5.0

    Just like a house needs a good foundation, manufacturing also needs a good digital foundation. It is a simple but powerful software that describes how to produce products and how the cost of the product is generated according to the production processes.

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    Asprova APS

    How to increase production using the same or even less resources? Four of the seven problems of Lean manufacturing (overproduction, waiting, excess storage, wasted deliveries) are caused by ineffective planning. The solution lies in APS planning. Asprova has been rated the best APS software in Europe that increases production efficiency by more than 20%.

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    Leanest MES

    The Leanest MES solution is a good friend of the production staff, allowing them to focus on their work as much as possible without wasting time on extraneous activities. User interfaces that are specially designed for work centers are user-friendly, providing all necessary instructions for work, reminding control activities and recording work results.

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    We develop AI based technologies for manufacturing industry

    We have specialized in image recognition algorithms and in machine learning. We apply artificial intelligence technology in areas where “ordinary” technology does not provide any more the most efficient solution, e.g., in quality control jobs in the factories.

    AI Solutions for Wood Industry

    Leanest has created various automation solutions based on AI technology specifically for wood industry, such as: quality control of wood slats and planed boards, precise measurement of logs, automated measurement of load volume and bark thickness, automated glue control and detection of annual rings’ direction.

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    AI Technology for Waste Management

    AI technology can be integrated into waste management and sorting processes for achieving efficiency and optimization. Leanest has set the ambition to contribute to a cleaner environmental future. With the help of EAS and European funding, we have designed and developed a waste sorting robot which is operating on artificial intelligence.

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    AI in Manufacturing Industry – Leanest Scanner 2.0

    Leanest offers quality control and sorting software for industrial production, which allows to control the quality of various production materials and automate jobs related to quality control and sorting.

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