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Hi! We are Leanest! We help tooptimize manufacturing, plan the workforce resources, build quality detection systems and develop software

Hi! We are Leanest!
We help to

optimize manufacturing,

plan the workforce resources,

build quality detection systems

develop software

Manufacturing optimization

Workforce resource planning

Quality detection systems

Manufacturing optimization

Effectiveness analyses

Leanest helps to find ways and solutions to ensure the increase of effectiveness of manufacturing company. We find the answer to the question “how much more could the company manufacture if the resource remains the same” or “what is hidden effectiveness and how to implement it in real life?”

IME 5.0

Just as the house needs a solid foundation, so does the manufacturing need a good digital foundation. It is a simple but powerful software that describes how to manufacture products and how the cost of the product is formed according to manufacturing processes.

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MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is the software that is used to organize manufacturing. It collects as much possible information from different sensors, devices and usage of resources. Collected information is connected to different steps of manufacturing process, work orders and manufacturing orders.

MES allows making automatic decisions in real time to manage the manufacturing and to give for the planner a complete overview of the production. The most important- it assures the maximum effectiveness at all time.

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Detection is the quality control software for an industrial manufacturing that allows:

Modern algorithms based on the artificial intelligence (AI) can process information from video cameras and laser sensors significantly faster and with higher quality than manpower next to the manufacturing line.

Leanest has the best competence in automatic quality control technologies in Estonia.

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Detection of defects of wood materials: knots, cracks, coarseness etc.

Measerments control in metal industry.

Quality control of labels.


Over 2000 satisfied customers, market leader in Japan

Asprova is the world leading tool for advanced planning and scheduling for Lean- production needs.

Four out of seven problems of Lean (over production, waiting time, inventory and unnecessary transportation) are caused by ineffective planning. With Asprova you eliminate these!

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Workforce planning


StaffLogic is competence-based workforce optimization and work-schedule monitoring tool. It offers possibility for automatic creation of schedules, workforce management, personnel analyses and reports.

StaffLogic allows to plan the worktime up to 50% quicker and to increase significantly the quality of the service.

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Staffic is the tool for performance review. It is easy to implement and to adjust to the needs of different jobs.

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Software development

Experienced .NET development team

We offer software development service and we have strong .net development competence. Our team of 23 members has experience of average of 15 years. Everything we do – we do with dedication and by adding value to our customers business.

Artificial Intelligence

We have specialized in image recognition algorithms and in machine learning. We apply artificial intelligence technology in areas where “ordinary” technology does not provide any more the most efficient solution, e.g., in quality control jobs in the factories.

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Leanest OÜ

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