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Artificial Intelligence

We have specialized in image recognition algorithms and in machine learning. We apply artificial intelligence technology in areas where “ordinary” technology does not provide any more the most efficient solution, e.g., in quality control jobs in the factories.

Image Recognition based AI-Solutions

For Quality Detection software solutions in the manufacturing, we have been focusing on the AI-solutions based on the image recognition. Most commonly our AI-solutions are either using one or the combined version of:

For each customer specific task, the most appropriate AI solution is being selected.

How does the Image Recognition based AI solution work?

The process contains three main steps:

Since the immense amount of image data we obtain from cameras and sensors is unstructured, we use advanced techniques such as machine learning algorithms to analyze the images.

AI training

Digital image analysis uses AI-based deep learning models to analyze images with results that for certain tasks already exceeds human-level accuracy.

In any case, deep learning requires manual data labeling to be able to interpret in the end the actual customer specific data. This is known as image annotation.

The process of creating such labeled data to train AI models needs human work. At Leanest we are able to provide the data labelling as a service for AI training purposes. We have developed our own tools and resources for this kind of image data annotation purpose.

We can advise our customers to select the most suitable image recognition-based AI solution that meets their manufacturing requirements regarding quality detection tasks and offers the optimal output solution.

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