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Quality control

Automatization of the quality control in the manufacturing:


Modern manufacturing needs effective quality control in order to be competitive in the globalizing world. Manual work by humans has fulfilled this role so far and, in many areas, there were no alternatives. In the wood industry typically many female workers sit by the line and control the correctness of the board coming from the moulder or in the metal industry the engineers measure each detail separately with the precise protractor. As human labor is getting more expensive it also makes the manufacturing continually more expensive. Human factor also causes still a lot of errors and instability in the quality.

In recent years the controlling solutions have developed more and more. Progressive quality control has by content already transformed to software solutions. In order to be successful, new solutions must be implemented that allow to increase the effectiveness of the quality control. Software business with their rapidly developing technologies offer solutions that were not available in the past. With our experienced team we bring these technologies to the industry and offer full solutions for the quality control. Our focus has been on the wood industry. Technologically we use cameras and 3D lasers to capture the material. All solutions are built based on the customer need and the choice of the technology is made based on the conditions and demands.

Wood industry

So far we have provided majority of the solutions to the wood industry. Below some example pictures that we have gained from detection process. In the process of quality detection of the wooden slat it is important to detect even the smallest defects: cracks, wholes, knots, splits, glue spots etc.

With the current example, the width of the wood is less than 10cm and defects being detected are with scale less than 1 mm.

In case of determination of the quality of the surfaced board – the detection of the defects must be done first (different types of knots – light knot, dark knot, rotten knot) cracks and splits, bark, length and thickness of the resinous, in total more than 20 different defects – only thereafter the determination of the class can be done.

Scanner behind the moulder

It is possible to turn the boards the equal way based on the annual growth rings.

Glue control – is there enough glue between the boards?

Precision measurement of the timber. We have developed our own 3D module and different methods of measuring. We calculate the diameter, the length, size and curvature. In addition, we detect if needed the thickness of the bark. The measurement of timber requires 2 or 3 devices (as below) to be installed to the line.

How to proceed?

Please contact us! We will come to visit your site, specify the task in more detail, in more complicated cases if required we will launch first a pilot project. And we will implement for you an automated quality control system at your workstation or line.

Ask for an offer!